Mediterranean love.

Monday is here, week one is done, and yesterday, you guys – we almost BROKE. We went to a trivia day at our favorite craft beer watering hole (looking at you Confluence Brewing) and it was TOUGH to not have a beer or two while we were there. They’re beer is delicious, we were hanging out with friends, but we held off. Would we have had a beer and started over fresh today? Probably. Would I have felt bad about it? A little. Is that my #foodfreedomforever? Maybe. (Melissa Hartwig has GOT ME this round of #whole30.) So we held off and had hangry breakfast for dinner instead.

And then we also did what I said I wasn’t going to do this round. Weigh myself. But I did it. Obviously feels good to drop a few pounds after cutting stuff out of your diet and your body… and in MODERATION, these things are all fine. And that’s what I’m planning to work on after this round… all things in moderation. Always.

But meals this weekend… GUYS. Melissa Hartwig’s Whole 30 Cookbook is AMAZING. This was a Christmas present gifted by my number one recipe tester (thanks babe) and I’ve already made a few BOMB.COM recipes from it. And the rest of the week I’m making a couple more! Mediterranean bison burgers (SO GOOD) and Greek-style lemon potatoes were ridiculous this weekend. I want to eat those potatoes with every single meal forever. And once we’re done with whole30 I’m putting feta cheese on top of them FO SHO.

So moving onto this week…

Meal Plan 2/13 – 2/17

  • Monday – Spicy Stuffed Plantains (courtesy of Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook)
  • Tuesday – Iowa Beef Steakhouse date night for Valentine’s Day!
  • Wednesday – Buffalo Chicken Casserole
  • Thursday – Shepherd’s Pie (the original Whole30 cookbook)
  • Friday – Moroccan Beef (courtesy of Melissa Hartwig’s Whole30 Cookbook)

Breakfasts this week again is a casserole – but I used the spice mixture from the Mediterranean burgers in the ground beef for the egg bake… YES PLEASE. (Not my idea – my sous chef/recipe tester thought this genius idea up!) Guys it is so good. And we’re both SUPER into Mediterranean food lately – the seasoning is ridiculous, the flavor is to DIE for… for realz guys – more Mediterranean food in your diets ASAP. And when you eat it, you don’t feel like you’re going to die after even if you did eat WAY too much. Which is pretty great. Lunches for the week are leftovers from the weekend and last week, and whatever we eat this week. Lunches are boring – but we’re in the swing of things for knowing how much you need to eat to stay full until dinner. First week – not so much. But we’re back at it.

Topic change. Have you ever gone glow golfing? I was REALLY excited about it. Like overly excited probably. There’s a glow golf place over near the mall that I’ve been looking at for YEARS, and was excited when there was a Groupon for it. What a FUN date that was pretty cheap, and for the two of us who are incredibly competitive, this sounds PERFECT. Wrong. Super disappointed. I mean I still won so there’s that – but I think we’ll try out mini-golf again once it’s nice out, and we can go to the big courses around the area. Much better idea. But again – I won… so there’s that. Not that I’m keeping track of who’s ahead in every game we play together… but I totally am. He’s ahead when we play Uno (I don’t even want to talk about THAT night), but I’m dominating in Skip-bo. Give and take right? That’s what makes relationships WORK. But also we’re a pretty fantastic team when it comes to games we play on a team TOGETHER. Over Christmas, we played that ridiculous game where you put the dental looking thing in your mouth and try and talk – and we did quite well at that. I guess when you spend six years watching each other talk, you’ll do quite well at something as weird as that.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and this will be the FOURTH year in a row that I won’t be attending any beer/wine and chocolate pairings. SO SAD. But I do get an effing delicious steak – so I think it’s a fair trade. Those of you who are in the Des Moines area, or even if you’re not – you should for sure take a trip to the Iowa Beef Steakhouse. It’s close to 801 Grand caliber, minus the price. And it’s SO.GOOD. You know what would probably be amazing to chase that steak down with? Cheesecake. Three piece cheesecake, to be exact. (I read that in the voice of whatshisname from Big Daddy… “You always order three piece cheesecake.” No? Mk then.) Or maybe a smoothie. Or a Lara bar. That should work too.

The weather in Iowa the past few days – and probably for the next 10 or so – is OUTRAGEOUS for February. We went for a four mile walk with the dogs on Saturday morning and it was GLORIOUS. That really shouldn’t be a thing. Am I mad about it? Nope. Do the dogs love it? Of course. They especially love running through the mud at the dog park. Because white dogs attract mud. Always. But now that the new week is here, I can spend some more time outside with a possible lunch hour run… MAYBE. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Working out is bad for you – we know this. But we do it anyway. Sigh.

Make it a great day, or not – the choice is yours. Enjoy the weather kiddos – update later this week on my stuffed plantains and the number of times we’ve given the dogs baths after today!

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