studying is hard.

You guys – I forgot how to study. Basically everything I learned in college (because let’s be real – you didn’t really need to study in high school) about studying… I forgot. It hurts my brain, it makes me sleepy, and I really just don’t wanna do it. {Insert temper tantrum here}

School is for fools. For real. (Not really – but in this instance, I’m dubbing it as such.) I am currently studying for my CAP exam (Certified Administrative Professional) which is coming up in exactly THREE WEEKS from tomorrow. Barf. I probably should have started studying sooner, but procrastination is my JAM so I of course waited until this week to start. It’s a lot of information I already know – last year I worked toward getting certificates for HR related duties and it’s a lot of repetition for what I’m currently studying. It’s not so much the information I’m having issues with – the content is just fine – but seriously this whole “studying” thing. BLECH.

Some of the things that went through my mind while I was studying yesterday – “Uuuuugh I don’t want to do this. I want a nap. I’m soooooo tired. My neck hurts. This is stupid. WHY do I need to know this. I need to crack my back and my chair isn’t letting me do that. I wish I had my high school desk where I could lean back and crack my back like only it knows how. Oops I didn’t mean to highlight that. I didn’t even read that – better reread it. I JUST WANT A NAP.” Seeing a recurring theme don’t you?

As long as I do some studying daily I’ll be through this book by the end of the week. Then I’ll just need to spend some time at the library during my “respite time” with the bear. A couple hours at the library will do me good. (Apparently I should reread that grammar section from yesterday. What a terrible sentence.) Le sigh. I hate studying.

Yet I LOVE reading. Such is life. I could sit for HOURS and do nothing but read a book. I get lost in the words and the lives of the characters. With studying – I just keep looking at the clock for when I can be DONE.

Props to all you grown-ups out there who are studying for school… at this point in my life I don’t think I’d ever want to go back. I’m hoping to take my PHR exam early next year and after that I think I’ll be done with tests for a while. Get some extra letters behind my name to make me a more marketable business lady and be done with it. I’m looking forward to this test being done… even though it takes ALMOST FOUR HOURS. I haven’t taken a test that long LITERALLY EVER. College finals were what – two hours? Maybe three? And it never took that long. THIS ONE IS ALMOST FOUR HOURS. Maybe I should take the rest of the day off after that. Go home and just sleep. OOF.

Okay I’m done whining for now. But for realz guys. Studying is the worst.


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