no sleep till brooklyn

You guys. That was a really long hiatus. I apologize. Over two months with no post? I suck.

But SO MUCH has been happening since then. We moved (you knew that) and getting this house set up just the way we like is proving to be much more difficult than I’d ever thought. Furnishing a house that’s nearly twice the size of our apartment has been time consuming, expensive, but also hella fun. I’ve been making weekly(ish) trips to Goodwill because thrifting has become a new pastime. Craigslist finds have kept me sane… and DIY projects are happening way more often than I ever thought possible. I’ve been reading up on different blogs to assist in organization, decorating, and cooking (per usual) and to make our house a HOME. This weekend we are finishing up the FINAL room in the house (the guest bedroom) – and after that we get to relax. But not really – because we also have a new little baby boy in our life. And relaxing just isn’t something we can do anymore.

Koji the cream-colored Shiba Inu is our newest fur baby addition to the family. He is a spunky little love that keeps mama on her toes during the week. He is sweet – but not cuddly, plays hard, sleeps through the night (usually), and torments his big orange brother on a daily basis. He learned “sit” over lunch one day and (sometimes) knows “drop it” when we’re playing fetch or going for a walk outside. 80% of the time he’s great on the leash – but the other 20% he’s a monster. On Thursday he will be 3 months old (baby boy is growing up so fast) and he has a definite attitude. He’s so cute – and so much WORK. After doing a lot of the work during the week – as I’m playing “single fur baby mom” while my other half is traveling for work – I told myself that if I were a single girl, there is no way I would EVER get a dog on my own. I love dogs – all dogs – but taking care of a puppy by myself is HARD. It’s time consuming (I knew it would be) but also so worth it. It’s fun watching him grow up and learn new things – even if sometimes I just wish he would learn RIGHT NOW. I mean – I know he’s a puppy, and such a cute one, and he’s really smart – shibas are naturally very smart dogs – but maybe just stop chewing your leash and acting like a maniac.

But still – he’s so cute.

Being a cat mom is so easy. Toby is 8 – he’s been around for a while, he knows what’s up. He sleeps 90% of the day – and rarely wakes me up during the night. Sometimes he wants to snuggle, other times he wants to sleep under the bed and not be bothered unless he’s hungry. Which is fine by me. Koji is a literal 180 from Toby. It’s hard for me to sit down and watch TV or read a book or do laundry without asking “what are you doing? Where are you? What are you eating? What’s in your mouth? Are you peeing in the house?” I never thought I would ask the question “what’s in your mouth” so many times in one day. Sometimes it’s a leaf, sometimes it’s bunny poop, sometimes it’s a cigarette butt – and that’s the grossest thing  – I’ve noticed how many people in my neighborhood smoke and then just toss the butts into the yard. DON’T THEY KNOW THAT DOGS WALK BY AND EAT THEM?! Got a little wild – sorry about that. Helicopter mom over here.

I love these little loves SO MUCH – but it’s SO NICE when I get some respite care on the weekends. Hopefully in the next couple months this travel will be cut down to being out of town Tuesday-Thursday instead of Monday-Friday. Which will be amazing for MULTIPLE reasons. Reason number one – this has been ongoing travel for OVER A YEAR which was supposed to be a 6 month project. Reason number two – mama can get out of the house for more than an hour at a time to get stuff done and see people (sorry friends if I’ve been non-attending things lately… I feel a little guilty leaving the babies at home after they’ve been alone all day.) Reason number three – I get lonely during the week and wish my person were there with me every night. I’d like to eat less leftovers and make more dinners for two. I’d like to go on weeknight bike rides (oh yeah – we got bikes too) and yoga together. I’d also like to have relaxing weekends instead of trying to cram everything we want to do together into 2.5 days. Sigh.

I’m slowly working myself back into a routine – waking up earlier, going to bed a little later… going on lots of walks and sometimes running sprints up and down the street to tire the little bear out before bed. Sometimes I get woken up at midnight for a quick potty break – other times it’s 3 in the morning. 5 am days happen often – and when 6 am days happen I (almost) wish it were a 5 am day so I could get more done in the mornings. 9:30 pm hits and both babies are ready for bed. And it’s wonderful. Even though I would often crawl into bed before the sun went down and read for an hour before falling asleep… that hasn’t happened in WEEKS. Can’t go to bed at 8 when the pup gets zoomies at 8:45. Speaking of zoomies – these are hilarious. SPRINTS around the house. It’s too cute.

Slowly but surely I’ll be a functioning adult – with a to-do list that gets completed, workouts that are finished, a puppy that goes to bed and sleeps through the night and doesn’t pee in the house or chomp on my arm, and a kitten who will always be my first baby and who will continue to tolerate his brother and maybe one day become best friends with. I’ll spend weeknights with my love, try new recipes, go on long bike rides and calming yoga practices, and relearn what it’s like to spend every night together, rather than just three nights. (I forget about the snoring you guys…) Kidding – mostly.

Although I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, I promise to come back with more recipe hits (and misses), puppy pictures, house and DIY updates, and some new adventures. Hugs and kisses you guys… thanks for baring with me during my brief moments of radio silence.


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