wear sunscreen.

This dreary Monday made me not want to get out of bed AT ALL today. I also didn’t want to go to work because there are still boxes that need to be unpacked and moved in from the garage. I know I don’t NEED to get everything done and put away today… but I’d rather just get it done as soon as possible rather than wait. But the best part is – we are finally moved into our new AMAZING place!!


We closed Friday morning after a big breakfast at the Waveland Café. We attempted to run errands for the random miscellaneous things we’d need for our move – but got distracted and ended up having to run those errands Saturday morning. We grabbed a quick lunch at George the Chili King (while also watching reruns of the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives episode they’re featured in) and I headed home to shower before heading to Cedar Falls to watch my baby sister graduate with her MASTERS DEGREE from UNI. So proud!! I didn’t get home till after midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning and was surprised to see our bedroom furniture all out in the kitchen. At least I didn’t kick anything. We spent our last night in the apartment sleeping on our mattress on the floor – much like we spent the very first night in our apartment. Aww memories.


Saturday morning we got up EARLY to get down to the Farmer’s Market to fuel up for the move. Giant iced coffees from Java Joe’s and a breakfast burrito from the Farm Boy’s stand and we were SET.


We headed to Target (where we got there before they even opened – there’s a first time for everything!) and then a quick trip to Menard’s. We got a call letting us know that the previous owners were out of our place and wanted to make sure they didn’t need to call a locksmith since all the keys were inside. (Yikes!!) We got there to see an unlocked door and a SPOTLESS place. We wandered around flipping on lights, opening drawers and cabinets, and testing out the sinks to find the slow-draining culprit. And now it was OURS. We left and headed to the UHaul to pick up our truck – and barely got the 17’ truck we needed. It’s good we went early. We made it to Homemakers early to pick up our table and chairs, side table and night stand and then made it back to our apartment around 10:30. Let the move begin!!


We had AWESOME helpers that made this the smoothest move I’ve ever had. Ninth move is the charm, amirite?? With one OVERFLOWING truck we headed over to Meadow Court to start unloading. Basically everything but the furniture went into the garage – and the rest of it went into the house. Like I said before – WHERE does all the STUFF come from?! We grabbed some pizza from Casey’s down the road – way too convenient to get my taco pizza fix – and then sent everyone home. We didn’t make it to the afternoon wedding as we were still loading up a bunch of stuff from the apartment – but some friendly helpers dropped by with some food from the reception for us to eat. We introduced one of our amazing movers to our new watering hole – the County Line Tap – and then came back to begin the unpacking and putting together of furniture process. My handyman got our kitchen table and chairs put together and I am completely IN LOVE with it. I knew we both liked it in the store but it turned out so much better than I could have ever thought. Now we’re just in the process of searching for rugs and décor. Because details. I also got the majority of our kitchen put together – which is a huge load off my shoulders – because now I can actually start cooking again! And I was also amazingly proud of my Tupperware cupboard… because you can never have too much. Hopefully it stays neat and organized for longer than a week!


Saturday night we were in bed by probably 9:30-10 but we both woke up multiple times during the night. This is something we’ve been used to over the past 15 months – because people would be in the hot tub or pool at 3 am, or we’d hear ambulances flying by to get to the hospital down the street, or random YELLING at all times of the night from people getting home from the bars. But it was different – because it was so QUIET. I mean we can still hear the hum from the highway, but the sounds of the outskirts of town are much quieter than living just outside of downtown. So rather than the sound of hustle and bustle, we were woken up by the sound of silence. It was awesome.


Sunday was spent cleaning the old apartment – SO GLAD to be out of that place and away from our terrible landlord – making lists for all the random stuff we needed to buy and do before we got too far into unpacking, and of course – unpacking. The bedroom is all put together (pictures to come once it’s actually been decorated), the bookshelves need to be loaded, our side table needs to be stocked with our barware, some of our clothes still need to be taken upstairs – but it’s actually starting to feel like HOME. And this morning it REALLY felt like home when some of my coffee sloshed over and spilled on the garage floor. Just marking my territory, if you will.

Toby is having some adjustment issues – as I assumed he would. Saturday he was just OVER IT and spent the majority of the night passed out on the couch. He’s got stairs to run up and down now which is different from basically every single place he’s ever lived. When I moved back in with my parents a few times in college and after, there were stairs for him there – but he spent a lot of time upstairs. He’s also been jumping on top of EVERYTHING – which is annoying and also hilarious.       Mostly because he’s getting his “ups” back – rather than just being a lazy turd all over the house. Yesterday we came home multiple times and he had been sleeping on top of the mantle behind the TV. Yeah no – that’s not going to work buddy. Silly kitten.


This morning was my first commute from almost into the next county south – so I wasn’t sure how it would go. We live less than a mile from the bypass entrance so getting there would be no problem, I just wasn’t sure how it would be once I made it out to West Des Moines. I used to make this drive when I lived in West Des Moines and drove to the southside for work – now it’s just a little backwards. But this commute was BY FAR the best drive in to work that I’ve had in a long time. Normally I drive along 235 and people are driving like ass holes – and I even have the better of the two drives along 235 because I’d be driving FROM downtown TO the westside, as opposed to everyone else who was driving FROM the westside TO downtown. But people were always cutting me off, flying by, there were always accidents or cops pulling people over – it was just a major stressor each morning for me. But today – I was amazingly calm when I got into work. Everyone drove the same speed the whole way, people were cautious around other drivers, no one cut anyone off – and also I heard Baz Luhrmann’s “Wear Sunscreen” on my way in. I haven’t heard this song in literally YEARS – and hearing it this morning made me smile. It was like I had this new chapter of my life beginning – but it all started out with a song from my past. And it was glorious. I’m hoping this day goes by quickly so I can start putting together my home. I’d love to have boxes cleared out by the time my HOMEOWNER – not just roomie anymore – gets back from Cedar Rapids on Friday. I’m sure he’d enjoy that nice surprise. We’ll see how many boxes I can get through. Or maybe instead of doing any of this – I’ll just pour myself a glass (bottle) of wine, run myself a nice bath and watch Netflix the rest of the night. The options are simply endless.


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