You guys know I love me a good list. And I’ve got lists for EVERYTHING. Books to read, recipes to try, blogs to look through – and my newest, and most time-consuming list – things to do before we move. Yes THAT list. It’s so amazingly overwhelming. You’d think I’d be used to it now considering this will be the 9th place I’ve lived since graduating from high school. I should be GOOD at moving by now. But I really just hate it SO MUCH.

Currently in my notebook that I carry with me everywhere, I’ve got three weeks-worth of weekly lists of things to do, I have a “wish list” of things to buy for our new place, a general moving list of what we have to do before we go, a weekend to-do list and a checklist with timeline for the actual moving DAY. And this is stressing me OUT. I counted last night – so far I’ve got 36 boxes packed. And I’m not done. LIKE HOW. After a mass Snapchat last night, I got the response “I feel like you’ve been moving for two months.” And I seriously don’t disagree. Moving is the worst. I started early so I wouldn’t feel rushed. And wouldn’t you know it – moving day is FASTLY approaching and here I am – not done, and feeling rushed. It probably didn’t help that last week I felt like GARBAGE with a spring cold – so zero things on zero of my lists got done. Blurg. Some stuff I obviously can’t pack yet – like clothes. I mean – I’ll probably need those between now and Saturday. I am SO CLOSE to getting my kitchen packed up (THE WORST) and my plan is to have that done tonight. Once I clean out the fridge – like deep clean the shelves and such, run the dishwasher one more time, wipe down inside the cabinets and dust down the top of the cabinets, THEN I’ll be done with the kitchen. But until then – it’s just in SHAMBLES.

I think Monday morning is when it really kicked in that we were moving THIS WEEK. I sent off the roommate to Chicago for work this week early Monday morning, and that night I had a mild anxiety attack. I had SO MUCH STUFF still in the cupboards in my kitchen, empty boxes all over the place, and we were having people at our place Saturday morning to move all this stuff. And you KNOW there’s nothing worse than showing up to help someone move and having their stuff not even be fully PACKED yet. I wouldn’t do that to my friends. That’s just the worst. So I took a nap Monday after work (it’s come down to THAT, you guys. For real.) and then packed up quite a bit of kitchen things. I ran the dishwasher and started some laundry. Then took a break for a couple episodes of Mad Men, sent my Don Draper lover on her way, and went to bed. Last night is when things REALLY got taken care of.

I felt surprisingly GOOD today when I woke up. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have SO MUCH left to do prior to Saturday, but knowing that your kitchen gadgets are all packed up is SUPER helpful. Why is the kitchen the WORST to pack? Like – where did all the STUFF come from. Do I have a Stuff Fairy floating around just putting THINGS all over my house for me to pack up? It’s outrageous. I don’t even want to think about the amount of stuff that we will acquire in this new place over the next few YEARS. That makes me anxious just thinking about it.

I’ve got sand volleyball tonight, and before and after those sandy shenanigans I’ve got a list DOWN TO THE MINUTE for things to do tonight. Get home from work. Put bathroom rugs in the washer. Run dishwasher. Vacuum rug and roll up. Put rugs in dryer. Put towels in washer. Put food from the fridge in bags to grab out on Saturday. Same with the freezer. DEEP CLEAN DISGUSTING FRIDGE. Put canned foods in boxes. Put towels in the dryer. Kick ass at volleyball. Come home and enjoy a shower beer. (Shower beers are coming back you guys.) Go. To. Bed.

Tomorrow I’m in a seminar all day for HR Law – tomorrow afternoon I’m planning on hitting up a yoga class before coming home to pack up some clothes. The roomie gets home around 9 tomorrow night, and he will either want to go straight to sleep, or be awake for the next 4 hours. There really is no in between. Friday morning CLOSING happens bright and early – Friday afternoon I head to Cedar Falls to watch my baby sister graduate with her Master’s Degree. We get back late Friday night, and then before I know it – MOVING DAY is here. And we will be out of our apartment and into our new amazing place. Gah it’s here. I can’t believe it. It’s finally here.


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