Pants v Squoodles v Weird Food

After traveling two weeks in a row, I’m finally back home and back in a routine. Not to say I don’t LOVE to travel, but sometimes I just have that “homebody” feeling of wanting to sleep in my own bed, shower at my own house, and if we’re being honest – NOT WEAR PANTS. Because I think that’s a rule – “home is wherever your pants are not.” Maybe this needs to be printed and hung in my new place. Either that or “Pants off at the door” but then that would feel weird when the UPS man delivers something. Maybe I’ll just keep it as a silent reminder for myself. (**Sorry this got weird. But I hate pants**)

Sunday this week was the opposite of a rest day. I was allotted a little extra time to sleep in (if you call 8:30 sleeping in – and as an “adult,” that’s exactly what I call it) and then got going with the day. Breakfast and coffee – and then we parted ways. Him: yoga #alldamnday. Me: grocery shopping, baby shower, cleaning #alldamnday. I may have overexerted myself in attempting grocery shopping before I needed to get ready, but I made it in plenty of time to celebrate my pretty little friend and her baby bump.

IMG_8672 After the shower, I hit up my second grocery store for the day and headed home to get after it. Luckily for me, I found a Law & Order: SVU marathon so I switched that on and got to work. But not before dropping an entire beer on the floor and shattering it. The worst thing to clean up. (Sidenote: there was almost a throw down before bed when the roommate stepped on the tiniest shard of glass and claimed he “always steps on the glass pieces when something breaks.” Crybaby.) So I blew through laundry like it was my job, and food prepped like a BOSS. #foodprepsunday is totally a thing and this week I dominated.

I picked up some new bamboo cutting boards which I was super pumped about – so I got to break those bad boys in during #foodprepsunday. They clean well, they keep nice, and they don’t dull my knives. Major plus. <– I cannot believe how adult-like that just sounded. Go me!!


Then I brought out my Paderno and had veggie noodles coming out my ears. Not really – but it felt that way. I cut up some butternut squash noodles for dinner (which I promptly nicknamed “squoodles” and intend to keep using that term FOREVER) and a HUGE sweet potato (patoodles) to eat all week long.

Squoodles v Patoodles. All. Day. Long.


Plus my usual hard boiled eggs. Always eggs. I wish I had just a smidge more counter space – but it was kind of fun to have ALL THE THINGS on the stove at once. Chicken apple sausage (for realz –, pineapple brat burgers (thanks HyVee for this deliciousness), and some Italian chicken (spices courtesy of Graziano’s.)


My plan for dinner (which NEVER goes according to plan) was to work off Ali’s Roasted Red Pepper Butternut Squash Noodles with Chicken. But alas, sometimes reading directions are hard, and I didn’t have enough red peppers to make this. So I did what I do best when it comes to cooking: ditch the recipe and throw stuff together. I roasted the red pepper in the oven for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees, until there was a good char on it. I let it cool for a while and tossed the butternut squoodles (it’s literally becoming my favorite word) with olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic powder, put them on a pan and popped them in the oven for about 10 minutes. Then I started working on my “sauce.” I’m not even sure you could call it that – I mean it was delish and it was a liquid-ish consistency, so yeah – we’ll call it sauce. Again – my method of cooking is to throw it together and hope it works out. I cut up the roasted red pepper and put it in my food processor, along with olive oil and coconut milk. Once it was to a good consistency, I poured it into a pan on the stove, mixed in some chili powder and paprika, and heated it up. Once the squoodles were done I plated them and topped it with a pineapple brat burger. While those melded flavors, I (attempted) cooking a couple eggs over-easy (one broken yolk, one a little hard and a little runny) to top the burgers with. And on top of that – the roasted red pepper sauce. Served up with some asparagus (tis the season!) and bam – dinner is served. I got a high-five halfway through dinner letting me know it was a recipe I “should never forget” and then that plate was licked clean. Not really – but basically.


So that was my weekend. Friends and shopping and food. Always food. And back on that (mostly) #whole30 train. I just feel better when I eat GOOD food. And I want to tell people about my awesome recipes without hearing “I could never eat that” or “you eat such weird things.” It’s not weird… it’s REAL food. And it’s delicious. And I’m going to keep making my “weird” food and make all you weirdos eat it. You’re welcome.


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