Food Blog Fantasies

So I’m back from New York and working on getting my sleep patterns back to normal. Being in a different time zone when Daylight Savings came through was a little rough – while we were waking up at 5 am to get to the Today Show on Monday it was really 3 am here. My body was not super impressed with me. It also didn’t help that I’d gone HOG WILD while I was there and ate enough sugar to keep a three-year-old running around for hours. But now I’m back. And I’m back to eating (mostly) #whole30.

**New York post to follow at a later date**

On Sunday (normally #foodprepsunday) I wasn’t home but I got a little heads up for what was on the docket for the roommate and his food for the week. I honestly couldn’t help but feel a little jealous and left out. About FOOD PREP. Is that weird? Maybe a little. But I also had a feeling that when I got home late Monday night, I would be incredibly unprepared for my breakfast/lunch/dinner on Tuesday. I barely had time to hard boil some eggs that morning (I know I said I was done with them… but I think now that I don’t HAVE to eat them and have the choice to eat something else, I don’t hate them as much) and threw some random stuff together for lunch. I was ill-prepared and hungry – which is not a good combination. Tuesday night I had planned on stopping by the store on my way home to pick up some food for the week, but by 11 am I had “that 2:30 feeling” so I just went home instead. I drank a couple beers on the patio, soaking in the 70 degree weather, and realized I hadn’t eaten yet – so I made a bowl of popcorn. And that’s ALL. I. ATE. That’s outrageous is what it is.

Yesterday morning I woke up regretting my {lack of} dinner – knowing I hadn’t given my body the proper nourishment it needed to be fully functional all day long. I had coffee and cashews for breakfast but then redeemed myself with zucchini noodles and pasta sauce for lunch. I picked up some good food for the rest of the week over my lunch hour so when I got home I got to work. I browned some hamburger with red peppers, spiralized two sweet potatoes – one for dinner and one for the rest of the week, I spiralized some zucchini (because you can literally NEVER have too many zoodles), I hard boiled eggs and peeled them so I wouldn’t have to fight them when it was time to eat. And then I made a bomb-ass dinner. Sweet patoodles (probably the best name ever), topped with a flame-thrower burger, topped with a couple eggs (I messed them up but they were still delish), TOPPED WITH avocado slices to cool it all down. I need to work on my presentation skillz, but once I snapped the pic I cut it all up, mixed it all together and ate the sh*t out of it. And not all of it – so guess what I’m having for breakfast today. LEFTOVERS. Love me some leftovers you guys. FOR REAL.

This weekend I’m attempting some butternut squash noodles (for what – I still don’t know) and then on Sunday I’ll be back at #foodprepsunday. I’m traveling for work next week so it will be interesting to see how that works… I can bring food but I’ll also have to plan around what everyone else will be doing/eating there. Wish me luck in that arena.

During an email thread with my fellow whole30-follower, we both came to the conclusion that the lack of food prep is somewhat anxiety-ridden. It’s hard to just “grab and go” during whole30 so while you needed to be prepared for EVERY MEAL during the week, it was comforting knowing you always had something to eat. It was healthy, it was whole30 approved, and it was delicious. Plus – you could reach in your fridge, pull out a Tupperware full of something you made, and be good to go. Do you know how many times at home (ie. Tuesday night) I look through the cupboard and just grab something random to eat? I don’t look what it’s made of, I usually can’t pronounce 2/3 of the ingredients, and I just eat it mindlessly? TOO MANY TO COUNT. And now that I think about it and look back, that is not the way food is meant to be eaten. It is meant to be enjoyed. Food is meant to be tasted and savored – it’s supposed to make you want to ENJOY each bite rather than eating it as fast as you can without thinking about what is going into your body. Food is fuel, and although it is sometimes overwhelming to make – it’s worth it in the end.

As I’ve said {many times} before – I love all things having to do with food. I can read through cookbooks like I’m reading something for book club. I can sit FOR HOURS watching the Food Network/Cooking Channel just watching food be made. I love all steps leading up to a meal – the search for ingredients (ie: Chopped), the preparation involved (thanks Chef Anne Burrell for teaching me what mise en place means during a binge marathon of The Worst Cooks in America), the final product and presentation, and then of course – the tasting of the dish. If I could be there to take just one (or five) bites of the finished product – I would be one happy (and fat) camper. But alas – the only tasting of the final dish will be at my house… and usually, it ends up okay – sometimes AMAZING. And I want to keep working at perfecting my knife skills and making eggs over-easy like a boss. I want to not worry about whether my chicken is undercooked – or about my fish being overcooked. I want to continue trying new recipes with food I’ve never eaten or at least never cooked for myself. I want to read ALL the food blogs and make friends with these amazing people who just started out cooking for fun – and then turned it into a lucrative career path. I want to write about food, read about food, and LIVE food. I’ve got a lot of work to do if I want to be like Ali or Kristen or Lexi. It’s going to be a fun and delicious ride. With hopefully not too many hiccups along the way. Brace yourselves friends… it’s happening.


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