Spiralizing 101 + A Surprising Proclamation**

You guys – I’m in love. Well I mean I’m obviously in love – but this time… it’s with a kitchen gadget. That’s right… the spiralizer is my new kitchen love. On Valentine’s Day we made our delicious homemade meatballs and zoodles (zucchini noodles) and I bought my first “zoodler.” The one I bought was the simple, handheld one – easy enough for zucchini and made a delicious “noodle” base for our meatballs. I didn’t wait long enough for them to dry so they were slightly soggy… but now I know. And then this weekend my plan was to make sweet potato noodle waffles. I’ll admit – I got a little overzealous and was pretty impatient because I wanted to eat them NOW. So rather than eating delicious sweet potato noodle waffles, we ended up with sweet potato noodle hash. Still good – but also disappointing. Ah well. Next time.

After stumbling across an awesome Instagram page I was immediately hooked and wanted a spiralizer for my own. So I so I emailed foodie and food blogger extraordinaire to see which one she used and loved and once I heard back, I ordered it immediately. Spending the extra money was totally worth it (not even that much more) and I now want to use it for EVERY SINGLE MEAL. The website to go with the Instagram account is wonderful – and Ali is a genius when it comes to spiralizing anything and everything. And now there’s a cookbook – which I’m currently on the fence about… but more than likely, it will be in my possession. And become a new obsession.

I’m bummed I didn’t get this glorious gadget earlier on in the #whole30 challenge – but since we’ll be sticking to quite a few of the food rules moving forward, the majority of her recipes are #whole30 friendly – or at least have the option to swap out ingredients to make it so! Last night I decided to try out one of her recipes – just to see how it would work. And I will tell you – I (nor my two dinner buddies) were disappointed.

IMG_8252We tested out Foil-Pouch Sweet Potato Noodle Chicken Fajitas. Sound like a mouthful? It was – a DELICOUS mouthful. (See what I did there?) So I started out with the sweet potato noodles. I followed the directions (kind of) and was not getting noodles. Then I ACTUALLY read the directions and it started working better and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I told the roommate that I had never had so much fun cooking (except for the homemade meatball making). I assumed that we would need two potatoes for three people. And then a giant FULL plate of noodles came out with my one sweet potato. It was amazing. I mixed up the fajita seasoning and tossed it over my veggies and chicken, then piled the mix on top of some noodles, made a foil packet and popped them in the oven. 20 minutes later – boom shaka laka – DONE. I was so full I couldn’t finish mine – but the other two foil packet meals were demolished. I’d say it was a HUGE success. And I plan on making more spiralized meals all weekend long.


With six days left on this #whole30 journey, I’m cruising through. I’m cutting down my egg consumption (even though we still have a 60 count carton sitting in the fridge) and I think I’d like to add (some) sugar back into my diet –things like honey or agave nectar… not coffee creamer or candy. Yes dear friends – you read that correctly. This self-proclaimed (and lovingly nicknamed) Candy Monster will be taking a SERIOUS HIATUS from sugary snacking.** I miss the sweet – but I can get that in other ways. I don’t think I’ll miss it too much – because during the last four weeks, I have not ONCE craved Starbursts/gummy worms/Mike & Ikes. Every now and then a cookie or a brownie looks good (like today – when we have caramel brownies in our office for lunch – bruleed with bourbon to make it extra yummy) but I haven’t wanted to eat a box of Girl Scout cookies or six cupcakes either. The more sugar I cut out, the better I feel. Natural sugars are great – but occasionally I do want a little Dove dark chocolate bite. Maybe filled with caramel. HOWEVER. I don’t want or need a whole bag like I’d done in the past.

I’m interested to see how I’ll feel a month from now. Keeping up (mostly) with this nourishment change and also my yoga (or any workout) can only make me feel better. I like waking up after a great night’s sleep – and also not waking up in the middle of the night. I like getting a good workout in and feeling sore the next day – or two days later. I like having clear skin, brighter eyes and a clear mind. I like when my pants fit and I don’t have to buy new clothes. I like how my bank account shows a SIGNIFICANT drop in food and drink purchases. I like having energy to clean the house or run errands or workout. I like being able to stay OFF the struggle bus on Saturday mornings when I head to the studio to work. I like being able to wake up in the morning and do my hair before going to work. I like the positivity flowing THROUGH me and radiating FROM me. I love that I’m happy right now – and small annoyances that would have tortured me before, roll off my shoulders like it ain’t no thang. And if I can do all these things to make myself CONTINUE to feel this way – then why would I ever change?

I’ve got beer staring at me every time I open the fridge. I was just gifted an additional 12 beers yesterday. I want to taste them – to try the delicious seasonal flavors. I want to enjoy a pint (or two) when I can relax and not have to worry about how many more days until I CAN have a drink. I like to think I’d drink LESS beer… or maybe just counteract it with a run earlier in the day. I want to be social again – instead of staying home to stew about how I REALLY want something fried. Do I really want something fried or do I just want to NOT eat something healthy? While I was reading through Ali’s weight loss story, she talked about how she didn’t want to go out with her friends after she’d had a bad, binge eating day because she didn’t want them to see how she looked. But even after a great eating day, she didn’t want to go out with her friends because she didn’t want to ruin her good day. I totally get that. And I feel like a jerk for doing it. I passed up a couple great outings with friends during my #whole30 just because I knew I couldn’t eat what they were eating. So I stayed home like a hermit instead. It’s easy enough to stay out of the bread bowl or only order one glass instead of splitting a bottle with someone. Baby steps are what works – but isolating yourself does not.

So next week – we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll eat pizza and drink beer until I’m sick. Maybe I’ll have eggs for dinner and some almond butter and an apple for a snack. I guess time will tell. I’ll keep you updated.

**This was the “Surprising Proclamation” in case you weren’t surprised enough


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