Week One Recap. #realfood

A week has passed, and I’ve made it through. #whole30 I’m going to make you my bitch. Not really – that was super aggressive. Sorry about that. It’s just that I woke up early, had a productive morning, and had delicious coffee to help me through the process. Plus – I slept like a baby. I think my body has FINALLY realized it’s going to sleep well without all the outrageous amounts of sugar in my body.

Let’s recap week one. For the most part I felt just “okay.” I didn’t feel good and I didn’t feel bad. I was tired – combinations of working out and cutting out sugar/carbs/alcohol. I was hella irritable – combinations of not sleeping well, cutting out the above, and idiots (work was rough last week.) I experienced “hanger” (hunger+anger) a few times – but quickly eviscerated that negativity with yoga. So. Much. Yoga. And it was awesome. Every time I go on yoga-sprees (aka the 20/30 Challenge or Wanderlust) I remember just how good I feel after each practice. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to die – like in Sculpt – but once I’m done I feel great. Still a little sweaty – but so GREAT. The 20/30 Challenge started the same day as my #whole30 – and with 7 days under my belt, I’ve eaten numerous delicious, clean-eating dishes and have taken 6 yoga classes. And it’s going to feel AMAZING.

I’m challenging myself during the 20/30 Challenge – I’ll obviously do the 20 classes… but I ALSO want to take a class at each of the four studios, as well as take one of each TYPE of classes. Which shouldn’t be too terribly difficult – I’ve already taken four different types of classes at two studios. I plan on adding P2 to my rotation today – and we’ll just see about the rest of the week. I also want to take classes from as many teachers as I can as well. Along with early morning classes. If I had as much energy the rest of the month as I did today, then those early morning workouts shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Friday night the plan was to go to bed EARLY – because we were both exhausted. A long work week on top of cutting out sugar/carbs/alcohol makes for two tired folks. I tried out a new recipe though – and nailed it. I made #whole30 approved Lamb Gyros with a homemade tzatziki sauce… and both were the bomb.com. The fluffy orange monster was going CRAZY for the smell of lamb… he just had no idea what to do. I mean I don’t blame him – it was DELISH. The raw smell of the meat was pretty yuck – but cooked I just kept eating and eating. Can’t wait for those leftovers today.

Saturday we took a trip out to Whole Foods – a first time visit for the roomie. I of course chose to go on Saturday afternoon because I have a death wish – but it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. We ate lunch from their buffet and wandered the aisles to see what we could find. We came home with some compliant chorizo (oh mah gah it was amazing – we promptly made it for dinner that night) and some Toms coffee. I’ve been wanting to buy some of their coffee forever – since it came out pretty much – but just hadn’t pulled the trigger and ordered it. Now that I know it’s sold at Whole Foods, I will be drinking it ALL. THE. TIME. The rest of the day consisted of movie marathons and relaxing. I dug it.

Yesterday was an early morning and packed with a busy agenda. After all, it was #foodprepsunday. Earlier in the week I’d gone through the ads at the grocery stores I frequent to find what I needed. I gotta be honest… I ROCKED grocery shopping this week. I spent about $85 for two people – along with a new car air freshener and cat food (because I needed them BOTH) – and got so much FOOD. Both stores I went to had deals that were 10/$10 on items that I needed and I took full advantage. 10/$10 on hamburger patties? Done. 10/$10 on carrots? You got it. 10/$10 on celery, tuna, spinach, mangoes? Done. I obviously didn’t get 10 of EACH… but that just meant that each item was only ONE DOLLAR. #onedollanoholla. Since we eat eggs like they’re going out of style, the 60 count is what we buy. And when it’s under $9… that’s a pretty baller price. We also tried out some coconut milk in a few recipes – and honestly… I almost like it better than DAIRY milk. I’ve never been a huge milk fan anyway – my sister on the other hand could do the milk challenge and not even blink an eye. But almond milk and coconut milk are pretty delicious. Definitely a different flavor – but I added coconut milk and chili powder to my mashed sweet potatoes last night and they had just enough sweetness that it made it even better than plain sweet potatoes. Lame? Maybe a little. Meh. I’m over it.

Last night when we were talking about what worked, what didn’t, what we were craving, I brought up that my favorite thing about the #whole30 is it FORCES you to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. No mindless snacking, no stopping at the vending machine for a snack, no picking up dinner at the gas station. This is all whole, REAL food that immediately gets turned into fuel. While reading through the rules, I remember being surprised when it said not to log your food during this time. Why wouldn’t you want to log these foods? That seemed silly to me. But when I was logging my food BEFORE starting this process, I remember being BLOWN AWAY at how many calories a salad would have if you added “hearty” ingredients to it. But if you think about it, all that healthy, hearty and WHOLESOME food goes directly into making energy for you. It doesn’t sit stagnant causing you to feel bloated and gross – it is IMMEDIATELY going to work. And I like that.

Food is fuel. It’s a natural energy rather than one provided by sugar or energy drinks or candy. The food you’re putting in your body is REAL. The energy you’re receiving from the food is REAL. The sleep and relaxed mind and genuine fullness from your meals is all REAL. Because you’re putting nothing but clean food into your body. And with that – your body thanks you.


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