I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry and slightly inconvenienced. #whole30 edition.

Day one (and almost two!) of #whole30 is in the books. I didn’t die, cry or break down and have a beer (even though yesterday was a day where I REALLY wanted one.) Plus – we won our first volleyball match of the year – which is exciting all in itself! I have found myself on a decent team – with some terrible people. But last night we had a hella good sub… that we promptly asked back next week. There was a while during our games where the three girls playing pretty much didn’t let the boys play. I dug it. (See what I did there?)

So Sunday was our first #foodprepsunday and we had to venture out into the snow storm to get all the noms. This week and weekend I plan to plan a little bit better so we’re not making everything all at once and using every single clean dish in my house. The worst part of #foodprepsunday = clean up. Blerg.

So what’s on the menu for week one of #whole30? Imma tell you right meow. The roommate and I spent about $100 on food for the week… it should get us at least Monday through Friday-ish while he’s traveling for work and I’m throwing away the leftover chips in my house so I don’t lose focus and start smashing a whole bag of Jalapeno Kettle Chips ß those are my KRYPTONITE y’all – dunked in cottage cheese. If you haven’t tried that delectible combination yet… DO IT NOW. You won’t be able to stop. BACK ON THE SUBJECT OF EATING HEATLHY. Sorry about getting sidetracked. If that’s in my house for real – it’s gone in two days. MAX. So during our full afternoon of food prep, I chopped so many veggies that I now have a callus on my hand. If that’s not bad ass then I don’t know what is. There was also one minor injury – just a little thumb slice. But not enough to end up with a thumb in my food. Too much? Sorry about that.

So here’s how food prep went. (FYI – it’s so much more fun when you get to have a few beers while prepping – sadly… that won’t happen for the rest of the month. Sad Face.) We scrambled a dozen eggs with a red pepper and a jalapeno for breakfast in CR, hardboiled a dozen eggs for breakfasts and egg salad, chopped veggies for a vegetable soup, boiled a giant bag of green beans and tossed them with slivered almonds, browned a couple pounds of hamburger and BAM… meals are served. The first week of the #whole30 is always a little rough – trying to plan ahead but realizing that practice makes perfect with your meals. Next week should run more smoothly. PS that soup we made was AMAZING.

I’ve got a small headache today… but I think it’s a combination of not enough water, too much caffiene and also my body beginning to question where the f*ck the carbs and sugar is. I got a “helpline call” a little while ago asking the question “When does the hunger end?” Soon, grasshopper – soon. But this first week is going to suck. You have to figure out what keeps you full so you’re not starving in between meals. You will realize that you took ALL the food out of your diet that digest slowly – so the good food you ARE eating, digests quickly. Which is why during #foodprepsunday we will be taking a different approach. Sure the soup is DELICIOUS… but it’s got veggies and a little bit of meat in it. I was hungry two hours later. HEARTY FOOD – here I come. I’m going to be on Pinterest for HOURS searching the delicious meals that will keep me full during the day.

Also – in other news… I’ve got my first class of the 20/30 Challenge under my belt. Only 19 more to go! #PLY2030 And I have a feeling I will regret this tomorrow… my ass and legs are sore already. Okay maybe regret isn’t the right word… but I will feel it tomorrow FO SHO.

Any words of encouragement, recipes, tricks, etc. will be WELCOMED with open arms. Just keep in mind – if you say anything about pizza/cookies/popcorn/beer I may punch you in the face. I love you – but don’t be a dick. I’m at the point where “hangry” is a real thing and I don’t want to have to write you an apology note that says “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry and slightly inconvenienced.”

Hugs and kisses y’all – have a slice of pizza for me and my homies while we spend the next 28.5 days having dirty dreams about sugar, cheese and wine. xoxo.


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