Bookish Ramblings

As I’ve said before, 2015 is a year of lists. So many lists. My longest one perhaps (as it is ALWAYS growing) is my TBR list. Books to read. SO. MANY. This list of mine has been on the continual growth chart for YEARS. Occasionally I’ll go through it and delete books that I’ve finally gotten to read – but more often than not, it never gets shorter – it only gets longer.

Recently I went through my own personal library and added up how many books I own*+, how many are currently unread, and how many have been started but never finished. And my TBR list is NEVER ENDING. It will always grow and will always be longer than I ever think I can read. There are so many books that I want to read and so many I’ve never even heard of and probably won’t get to read. But I can always escape to a new place – be a new person – learn something new – by reading. And that you guys – is hella amazing.

Total Books Owned: 115

Total Unread: 36

Total Started and Unfinished: 11

*I own more than this – however I’ve lent them to people and never gotten them back (some I don’t even know WHERE they are.) +These do not include books on my Nook… which are even more. Yeesh.

I recently looked at a list on Amazon which named the Top 100 Books of 2014. On that list, I read TWO of them. Only two. But looking back at my list of books I actually read last year, I read 26 pretty amazing books. Not a total fail. But that list of 100 just grew my TBR list by another HUGE amount.

I’m also giving myself a 2015 Reading Challenge. Fifty challenges for 2015 – including (but not limited to) a book with more than 500 pages, a book based on a true story, a memoir, a trilogy, one from your childhood, one set during Christmas, one that made you cry. If you’d like to join me in this challenge, check it out – You won’t be disappointed.


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