Watch it Begin Again…


Sigh. The inaugural (kind of) blog post. Inaugural for this site – but not the first ever. I thought about the “new year, new you” logic and thought I’d start fresh. Nothing against my old blog – but as I’d written before, I was at a standstill. I didn’t LOVE writing it, and I found it to feel like a chore. So I wanted to make changes. And here they are.


I’m hoping for a little more organization rather than random thoughts – HOWEVER. That being said – random thoughts will always happen because let’s be real, it’s me. I’m random sometimes (often.) And as the title suggests (Read. Eat. Do.) – these will be my main topics of discussion. I’m a foodie. A reader. A doer. I plan on testing out new recipes and (hopefully) living to tell the tale about them. I’ve got INNUMERABLE books on my TBR (ToBeRead) list and plan on telling you about the ones I have read. And I’m going to DO things. All the things. Maybe not ALL of them, but I’m going to definitely try some new ones.

I’ve borrowed ideas from all the blogs I frequent – because these all come from smart, funny, REAL women whom I admire. Their humor speaks to my soul and I can relate to each and every one of them. Being relate-able is something I strive for – I feel like I’m a down to earth, “normal” girl who’s trying to find the best version of herself. A girl who’s working hard to find her niche. And for me, it seems I have MANY niches. And I think that’s okay, right? I feel a part of many communities and groups of great people; but I also don’t feel I’m stretched too thin. I’m involved but not TOO involved where I over-schedule myself and don’t have time for a night in with a good book and a glass of wine. Those nights are SO NECESSARY to my sanity. Yours too? I thought so.IMG_7859

2015 is a year of changes. And lists. SO MANY LISTS. Getting my health back in check – physically and mentally. Books to read. Places to visit. Recipes to make. Things to DO. Damn – so many things. And action plans. I’ve been to (too many) seminars this year and one thing that always comes up is creating an action plan for yourself. Sure you could make a bucket list or a to-do list (see previous blog – but when I look back, I didn’t do many of those things. I did some – which is better than none – but it’s not very action oriented. Also – such a LONG list. Nothing wrong with it… but again – not action oriented. So to make these more “do-able” – let’s start with a list of five. Because that’s my number and also because – well mostly because it’s MY number and I’m going to choose it.

  • Try one new recipe per week. (friends – this is where your help in EATING said recipes comes in handy.)
  • Volunteer and/or mentor two times per month (obviously more would be awesome.)
  • Read 30 minutes per day (and finish off those half-read books!)
  • Sweat daily. (This could be yoga, running, lifting, cleaning the floors – that makes me sweat, and gag a little. So. Much. Hair.)
  • Be present. Unplug from technology. Turn off the TV, put away my phone, stay off Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter.

So there you have it. All do-able, action oriented things. Don’t worry… there’s so much more to do and see and read and eat and try. And you can join me in trying these bad boys out.

Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend. Thank you for being patient during this transition… it will be worth it I promise.

What I’m Reading: How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

What I’m Watching: MadMen (loving Don Draper like whoa)

What I’m Cooking: Chili. So much of it. And perfect for this awful weather.

Something New: A “photoshoot” for the Juice – book club reads. Keep an eye out…


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